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Dr. Heng-Ching Fang’s Second Publication:

Translated the book “Classical & Romantic Performing Practice 1750-1900″ into Chinese version. This book is written by Prof. Brown, foreword by Sir Roger Norrington. It is published by Continental Book Shop in Taipei, Taiwan, 2012.

古典與浪漫時期演奏法 1750-1900“ 實用的音樂歷史工具書,涵蓋古典與浪漫時期演奏法則,權威雜誌好評推薦,請中文讀者多多捧場。請洽 台北大陸書局訂購。

克萊夫 · 布朗教授執筆,羅傑 · 靈頓爵士推薦,方姮靜博士翻譯。

The Twentieth-Century Revolution in String Playing: A Practice-Based Study (Paperback)

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Product Description

The first half of the twentieth-century underwent radical changes in string playing. It can be seen by the rise of new, technical demands in sound aesthetics entailing the gradual disappearance of differences between regions and schools. This book investigates performance practice issues in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century viola repertoires. It focuses on the use of vibrato and portamento, as well as tempo modification and rhythm adjustment. This practice-based research involves a methodology which explores the close relationship between theory and practice. The content emphasises the importance of first-hand experience, highlighting the link between psychology and qualitative methods. It demonstrates the way in which globalisation has affected music production in the recording industry. This study also examines primary sources, related early recordings, and secondary literature, referring to the author’s interpretation of German-Romantic repertoires and works by Lionel Tertis. This book helps provide historical perspective to string performing practice, and would be useful to professionals studying the German and Franco- Belgian Schools.

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